Teri + Eric = Teric

Welcome to Teric.com!

We had an amazing wedding day and thank all the family and friends who were with us in person or in spirit on September 18, 2010!

Honeymoon Photos!
Here are the honeymoon photos! We had an amazing time in Australia and New Zealand thanks to the generosity of so many friends and family. This album is a little taste of some of the many things we did, expertly captioned by Teri.

Wedding Photos!
Here are the wedding photos! Our photographers truly captured the beauty and energy of the day and we wanted to share the entire digital wedding album with our friends and family.  Even though there are over 800 photos, you can click through the numerous thumbnail pages pretty quickly for the parts that interest you. This SmugMug gallery allows you to purchase prints directly, with very reasonable pricing for a fingerprint-proof finish (lustre).
We ordered a few from our engagement album and they came back looking really nice with thin black borders.

Engagment Photos!
Here is the engagement album. Disclaimer: awkward kissing/hugging/posing; forgotten engagement ring.

Mad Libs
The Mad Libs reception activity amused us so much that we decided to post all of them. Here is the complete collection of mad libs for your post-wedding entertainment, table animal by table animal.
You can still see our engagement storyboard here.

Archived Wedding Information
If you find yourself in Wausau, WI, again and want to check out all the fun stuff, or want to relive the excitement of the day, the wedding information page is still available.